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We’ve been working with Confidas for several years now and the team and organisation goes from strength to strength. They are an integral part of our people value creation strategy and playbooks that we consistently apply in our investments. They are a critical component of how we assess team dynamics, identify gaps to fill and enhance the diversity of thought and capabilities from the board through senior leadership teams we back.

The responsiveness, attentiveness, and insight that we gain from the team is outstanding and they have become our key partner for these people advisory services after working with many others. The actionability of their work, which is grounded in multi-source, scientific and quantified analysis, is what sets them apart from other occasionally opinion led work.

They are also fantastic with potential candidates showing a level of tact and professionalism that receives positive feedback even from unsuccessful candidates. We have integrated many elements of Confidas support into our senior team hiring processes. As a result we have improved the success rate of our hires, including the detection of candidates that would have been very detrimental to our businesses (based on referencing and team dynamic assessments). Can’t recommend highly enough – although would prefer to keep to ourselves as they definitely provide us an edge in building teams!

Tom Redpath

Principle at TowerBrook Capital Partners

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Confidas People plays a vital role in recruitment for LoneStar as we seek to quickly strengthen our executive team on our journey as a private equity portfolio company.

We have worked with the Confidas team on multiple assignments. Their inputs, insights and balanced advice have helped, not only in recruiting the right people, but also in establishing the best ways of working with and integrating the new recruits.

Confidas is highly responsive and available. The team has always added value to our processes, and whilst they deliver expert advice this is done in a concise and common-sense way which is understandable and useable by all.

I thoroughly recommend Confidas.

Richard Pickles

Chief Executive at LoneStar Group

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Team assessment is a key part of our Due Diligence and partnering with Confidas People provide us with insight and advice highly valuable both for our investment hypothesis and for the management team post investment.

Confidas People deliver a highly professional process and experience both for us as VC and for the management teams they are assessing. For us a highly balanced and skilled team always trumps the product and Confidas People provide an invaluable service for our DD process.

Kristian Øvsthus

Managing Partner, Idekapital

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We have been developing our Management DD process since launching our SME fund and Confidas People has been a key partner on that journey. Bruce and his team quickly grasp the essence of the business that we are looking to support and is always willing to tailor an effective solution to fit each situation. We have found that they adopt a relaxed, user-friendly style which puts our management teams at ease and ensures they engage in the process. Confidas reports are well-researched, easy to read and the conclusions / recommendations clear – some of our portfolio companies have continued to engage with Confidas post deal to continue to work on their own team dynamic, which in itself is a great testimony for their offering.

Paul Whitehouse

Investment Director, Beechbrook Capital

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I recently had the pleasure of working with Confidas on two separate engagements and I have to say, I was thoroughly impressed with the level of service they provided. From start to finish, their team was professional, responsive, and incredibly efficient.

What stood out the most was how quickly they produced information under tight deadlines. Their team was always available to answer any questions and kept me informed every step of the way.

Overall, I cannot recommend Confidas highly enough. If you’re in need of their services, I can assure you that you will not be disappointed!

Lorraine Smyth

Partner, Phoenix Asset Management Partners Limited

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I have spent 30 years in private equity across a number of organisations and consistently I have seen a tendency for PE colleagues to default to their comfort zone numbers whereas is in fact the most important call on deals tends to be the management team. This area is where unfortunately investment managers tend to have the weakest judgement skillset,  although few of us are prepared to admit it.  Bruce has provided me with insights across many deals that have been really valuable and for the first time I feel that I have a solution to diligence in this important area that I am happy to rely upon. My biggest reservation in giving this testimonial is that my competitors will swamp Bruce with work whereas I want to reserve him for myself ! I don’t think that I need to say more.

Julian Carr

Founding Partner at Ethos Partners LLP

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For several years, Confidas People has supported Beringea with management due diligence as part of our assessment of new investments for our venture capital funds. They’ve been a pleasure to work with: quick turnarounds, detailed processes and thorough assessments. Bruce and the team have developed insights that have been tremendously helpful in evaluating investments and guiding our longer-term collaboration with entrepreneurs.

Maria Wagner

Partner, Beringea

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The core of any private equity investment is the management team. Confidas People has become an invaluable part of our due diligence process and team building strategies within investee companies. The combination of a professional, repeatable process, allowing us to accurately identify skills gaps and compare across teams and detailed and focused referencing on each individual manager, including unnamed referencing, gives real insight and helps de-risk our investments.

Miles Otway

Partner, Connection Capital

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Confidas People’s approach lent itself well to helping us and the executive team understand the areas of team structure and development to focus on in the post-investment phase of the business. Their approach was robust while ensuring a sufficient focus on where additional value could be created through an optimised management team structure.

Roshan Puri

Investment Director, YFM Equity Partners

Mercia Asset Management

Confidas People make a difference by providing insight into our management teams which enables us not only to make an assessment of their capability but also their ability to work as a cohesive unit and how we, as an Investor can most effectively work with them to achieve our mutual objectives. Confidas People stand out for an ability to generate good depth of referencing activity, including un-named references which are typically difficult and time consuming to obtain.

Aaron Lawson-Clarke

Investment Manager, Mercia Asset Management


Confidas People were excellent at profiling our shortlisted candidates for an important Executive Board position within Pulsant. The psychometric profiling assessments, with the detailed reporting proved to be very insightful and an important part of our process. We are very grateful to the team for turning this around within the tight timescales requested. I would highly recommend and look forward to using them again in the near future.

April Clark

HR Director, Pulsant


We used Confidas People to help assess people remotely when face to face meetings were difficult and to keep a process moving during the shutdown. This not only helped to keep candidates engaged but also added some real insight to help guide our decision making. We will definitely continue to involve Confidas People in management assessments for deals we are considering during this period as it really helps get under the skin of who we are backing under normal circumstances but, which is so much harder without the ability to meet in person

Albert Farrant

Founding Partner, Inspirit Capital


People are the key part of any investment and Confidas provide a valuable insight into the team dynamic at a critical point in the investment process. Management teams see the process as additive to the future value of the business, identifying gaps and areas which are resource constrained, ensuring a proper support network and resource plan is put in place for the future growth of the business.

Graeme Mckinstry

Foresight Group, Investment Manager


Confidas People undertook a key piece of referencing work for us. The referencing exercise was extensive, thorough and accessed a great cross section of relevant people providing us with the confidence we needed. We look forward to working with Confidas People again

James Gregson

Investment Director, Palatine Impact Fund


In my previous business we had a lot of success, but eventually we reached a stage where we as founders needed to adapt, become more specialist in our roles and recruit some external experience so that the company could continue to grow.

 We engaged Confidas People to carry out a review of ourselves, key team members and the senior team structure. Confidas People helped us to find a solution that allowed us as founders to play to our strengths and brought awareness and tips for managing the key areas of development that were impacting our ability to scale. In addition, the Confidas People team were able to identify gaps and key roles to recruit, articulate the optimal organisational structure and clarify individual roles and responsibilities that suited our skillsets to help us continue to grow and scale the business. We successfully exited within two years and the Confidas People review was a crucial part of our journey.

Vic Peppiatt



We have worked with Bruce and the team in the past and recently used Confidas People to assess multiple final stage candidates for a key position for one of our portfolio businesses. We look forward to working with Bruce over the next few months, as their scientific approach is effective in assessing people remotely and would give us peace of mind that we are making well informed decisions during this essential period of social distancing and when face to face meetings are not appropriate. Bruce’s team are also very efficient and really easy to work with, we would thoroughly recommend them.

Joyce Church

Bridges Fund Management Growth Team


We have engaged the Confidas team on a number of management due diligence assignments and have been consistently impressed with the quality of their output and flexibility to work to what are often challenging timescales. The insight they provide into both individuals and the dynamic across management teams has proven scarily accurate on many occasions and has been invaluable in helping us to identify potential gaps, development needs or other key changes necessary to deliver optimum people performance across our investments.

Julie Glenny

Director, Maven Capital Partners

Specialist in Management Due Diligence to support venture capital and private equity