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M&A Cultural Compatibility

An in-depth cultural compatibility assessment is a key aspect of any M&A due diligence project and the subsequent value creation strategy.

Understanding the organisation and the individual

Our M&A Cultural Compatibility assessments start by clearly articulating the current culture and structure in both organisations. Understanding existing rhythms and rituals of each business, the cadence of meetings, how decisions are made, how people are motivated and why people work in the organisations is the starting point.

We then go beyond corporate culture statements to truly understand values and drivers of behaviour, assess where the cultural differences and commonalities lie, and make the practical, actionable recommendations required to build a single high-performing organisation.

Individual Attention

Key individuals from both sides are interviewed and assessed to understand personal expectations, aspirations and concerns, but also allow us to advise on individual potential to scale effectively within the enlarged organisation. Furthermore, this allows us to provide guidance to support effective integration and collaboration at the individual level (where problems initiate but take longer to spot), as well as the organisational level.

This involvement and attention to the individuals helps to maximise their engagement in the merger and subsequent integration process. Identifying individual resistance to change or potential to become disruptive under the pressure of the merger will also form part of the process, again with solutions provided to help influence and position individuals to give them, and the deal, the highest chance of success.

Realising Value

The insights gathered through our thorough process will inform and guide overall cultural integration plans based around two key focal points – where the similarities are that may accelerate successful integration, and where the meaningful differences lie that must be proactively managed. Individual team members will have clarity over how they can contribute to a successful integration, and leaders will know exactly where potential issues could arise. In addition, our findings will provide significant input to ensure post merger communication is structured in a way that is honest, and separates fact from fiction, but is also anchored in what will be compelling, and sympathetic to both sides.

We then facilitate workshops involving the key leaders from acquirer and the target organisations to guide people and culture integration. The outcome is a unified culture and an engaged team, with ownership of how they can contribute to a successful integration. This provides the foundation to create strategic alignment within a newly formed and high-performing organisation.

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