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Teams ‐ Invest, Identify, Improve

Invest in your staff and support their development and careers by increasing individual and team self-awareness of strengths and development opportunities and improve teamwork.

Identify high potential employees to ensure that you can make informed decisions during succession planning.

Assess team dynamics 

Improve team understanding, communication and practice to maximise performance.

Cost effective solutions for large teams and bespoke, highly sophisticated solutions to provide in-depth assessment as required.

Management due diligence

A critical factor in the success of any financial investment is a comprehensive due diligence process. The most important aspect of any business is the people that lead and drive the organisation. We live in a knowledge interactive era where the concept of one leader with all the answers is out dated and ineffective and as such, Top Management Teams are the norm. A Management Team Due diligence process is essential to deal success and developing strong, effective working relationships

our process

How we work

  • Comprehensive Psychometric Testing.
  • Extensive Referencing.
  • Individual Structured Interview.
  • Group Task/Meeting Observation.
  • Provide Detailed Individual Reports and Team Report.
  • Make Recommendations.

The insight and recommendations Confidas People provide, allows our clients to select the best management teams to partner with. We also identify the executives’ openness to change, development opportunities, leadership style and decision-making style..