Our process

Confidas People Philosophy

Confidas People operates at the ultimate intersection where people and team dynamics meet high performance business, and as such, the projects we work on are incredibly interesting and challenging in equal measure.

Our approach to our work is analytical, practical and non-judgemental, seeking to understand not only the team or individual we are assessing, but also the business challenge they face, so that our recommendations can be as commercial and actionable as possible. We are clear and evidence based with risks we identify, but always present solutions to support our clients and the teams they back to achieve their objectives.

We take the stance that we have three key stakeholders in any project:

Investors –

to advise on strengths, team dynamics, track record, how the team are running the business and making decisions, but also any gaps, risks or potential barriers to the team achieving their goals. In addition, we advise on how to support, align and influence teams to achieve shared objectives.

LPs –

to ensure peace of mind that investment decisions have been made with the highest level of professional scrutiny possible, in order to de-risk investments and maximise chances of success and future financial returns. Our input ensures investors are using more than gut feel to assess management, and provides an evidence based framework to assess ability to scale and grow with the business.

Management Teams –

to provide a positive experience, highlight strengths, but also give clear developmental feedback and advice on maximising their individual and collective ability to scale with the business.

Scalable People

The following traits represent some of the key elements that Confidas People will assess as part of an MDD process. Understanding these traits identifies individual and collective barriers to scale. In turn, this contributes to value creation by presenting opportunities to maximise individual and collective performance, and supplement the team accordingly.

Cognitive ability –

The ability to solve new problems which every management team member in a PE/VC backed business will face.

Structured, focused working style –

A business is entropic and will become more inefficient as it grows. The ability to plan effectively and focus on the key priorities within an ever changing environment is an asset.

Ability to collaborate effectively with others –

A management team will continuously have more stakeholders to work with, and maintaining relationships but also holding others to account will become ever more important

Emotional Stability –

Scaling a business will involve highs and lows. More consistent emotional responses will help to maintain solid decision making and consistent effort, execution and interactions with others.


Situational Experience –

The best predictor of a teams’ ability to execute a plan is their experience of having done it before. Clearly understanding the gaps can also help direct future recruitment needs.

Self-awareness –

With self-awareness comes the ability to improve and develop in order to achieve our goals.

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