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People Assessment for Investment

Confidas People is an independent specialist Management Due Diligence (MDD) Consultancy. We provide team assessment, extensive referencing and due diligence to support private equity and venture capital investors. We are UK based and operate across Europe.

Confidas People provides expert individual and team analysis to make recommendations that contribute to value creation. Not only do we confirm track record through our extensive referencing process, but we also provide a detailed understanding of a teams’ strengths, gaps and development opportunities. In addition, our in-depth interviews with management help to clarify how the business is being managed at present, and how the team are structured. Evidence based recommendations are made to help the individuals and organisation scale effectively.

Our services

Management Due Diligence Consultancy

Investment Management Due Diligence

Whether for a new investment, or an acquisition, our evidence based approach is a key part of any due diligence process.

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Management Team Reset

Investments do not always go to plan. In these situations, an experienced third party can help teams and investors navigate the way forward.

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Leadership Team Optimisation for Growth

Confidas People have unique skills and experience to support both types of teams to function at their most effective levels.

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C-suite Candidate Selection

Comprehensive assessment and referencing of final stage candidates removes unconscious bias and de-risks key hires.

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M&A Cultural Compatibility

Realising the synergies of a merger comes down to creating one high-performing organisation from a systems and process perspective, and crucially, from a people and organisational culture perspective.

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Tailored to your bespoke needs

The people who own, lead and manage a business have the greatest influence and impact on the success of that
business. They also represent the greatest risk for an investor.

All management due diligence projects are bespoke, and tailored to our client’s needs, questions and budget.

Please contact us to discuss any aspect of Confidas People’s services.